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21st Century Smoke starter kit review …quick??

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Hey everyone! Today I am doing a quick(?) review on 21st century e-cigarette starter kit. It was my 1st ever experience with one & 1st one I ever bought. Not a product for those already into vaping but IS for those who want to check it out & not get a POS e-cig. It helped me stop the “goodnight” cigg. NOT to be confused with “21 century” but it is “21ST century”. Both companies have real good costumer service though! www.21stcenturysmoke.com

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These are the same ones I quit smoking with too….they’re awesome! Hubby and I bought 2 super kits(come with 2 batteries, one charger, and 6 carts). Our batteries lasted us about 3-4 months though. And I got tired of buying refill, so started refilling the carts that came w/them….yep that works! Have now moved on to bigger and better things tho….eGOs. lol! BTW…u made a boo-boo…..these aren’t manual batteries…they’re autos. ;)

haha! thanks. & always!

Love the T shirt bro.. Fired up ready to go

Hey! thats great! Thats how I had felt at first. All you need is the will to quit & a good vape. Let me know how it works out for you!

Hey how are u? My name is Nikki. And i just bought this thing last night, and put it on the charger. When i woke up this morning (i love my morning cig) i looked at my pack of new ports laying there and thought eh, its too cold, let me try this thing… I love it. Ive been smoking it all day today…i think i found my way out and might be able to quit

sweeeet! congrats! 

Nice review! I bought it & I love this freakin thing man!!!!

was it a non-rechargable?

wow that IS sucky!!

and the njoy are more expensive. And FYI the nonrechargable njoy suck the battery dies long before the cartridge is empty. If you still want to try it get it at walmart keep your receipt and when that peice of shit dies prematurely (and it will) You can get a full refund. It must be returned at the walmart you bought it at. If you have walmarts where you live idk.

glad you liked them better.I have been wanting to try Njoy, but I keep hearing the same thing from people & thats that they aren’t very good. Thanks!

these are a different brand and these are def better than the first ones called onejoy or njoy I bought

well you got to keep in mind that naturally these arent exactly the same as real analog ciggs. plus you got to have the drive to quit, & just as important you have to find the right e-cig.its like i tell a lot of close friends.dont let one or 2 ecigs stray you away.their is a million different flavors & countless types of tobacco vapes out their.

My mom has these hers has a red light I tried them though just not the same I didnt quit smoking because I like regular ciggs better

You must be stoned. Lol!!! Really.

Hell yeah!!!! Lmfao!!! :-P

If they helped you quit smoking then its a damn good kit IMO! =)

Yeah they’re called express kits. The batterys on them really suck but I cant complane cuz they helped me quit smokeing!!!! Sorry my spelling is shit Lol!!!!

21st century makes a “disposable”, 1 cart, one battery no charger

if it is a 2 piece “disposable” you can buy a kit and the battery should be able to be recharged

thats what matters most then! =)

It was a different taste than I was expecting but it isn’t bad, it’s keeping me off of the cigarettes so I’m not complaining lol.

thats odd. Ive never seen a kit sold without a charger. When I got my kit,like i said the charger was defective,& the cig only lasted a day or 2 of good steady vaping.pick up a charger for sure to fix that up.what did you think of the flavor & all?

I just bought this same brand of e cig yesterday, but mine didn’t come with a charger and it died within a day.

“I’m goin’ to SPEED through this”. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

lol. same here. I know I was truly in a hurry & was saddened on having to leave my 1st e-cig. It’s like I didn’t want to let go

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